Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a fundamental element of any successful digital marketing campaign. By utilizing different social media channels, you can connect with new customers and build loyalty with your current and future client base.

Google and other leading search engines prioritize websites that produce dynamic and engaging content for their users. When it comes to the Internet, the customer is certainly always right. Social media platforms provide amazing opportunities when it comes to building a strong reputation. With a well sought out strategy, Genious can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and more to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is a huge part of the future of business, and Genious can ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.







We Assess & Attack.

Each platform has its own strengths and ideal purpose, so our team evaluates your website and determines the best outlets for your optimum benefit. The strengths of each can be leveraged with targeted cost-efficient advertising methods that complement your presence on each platform.

More than just a traffic generator, a digital operation must allow you to control your online identity in the long run and to engage in discussions with online communities. Combined talents are what enable us to propose complete and coherent interactive operations, individually adapted to each set of problems.

This past year, companies leveraged social media more than traditional advertising channels to advertise their products and services. We can create buzz for your products through contests, engage with your audience by promoting relevant and exciting content, and provide compelling company insights and news. More people use their smartphone to search the Web than ever before. When they find you, it’s important you have something to say. Your social media channels can become a go-to destination on a daily basis.

Why do you need a social media management?

Your customers are on social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY! Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. It is important that you keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always ahead of the competition.

People are searching for your company.

If your business is offering a product or service, you can bet that people are talking about it and looking for firms that provide it. Our social media management service will help your business to join the conversation and generate new leads.

People are talking about your company on social media.

You need to listen to what your customers are saying about your firm on social media and respond to their concerns. Our social media management services focus on highlighting the positive aspects of what your company has to offer and respond sincerely to negative remarks.

Companies deserve expert social media management.

Most business owners and marketing managers do not have time to manage all of their social media channels. Each member of our firm received their certification in social media management, and our agency can help you reach your marketing goals and a new customer base.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Our Social Media Services gives you the possibility to connect and share information leading to an increase of the brand, products or services awareness. We will tailor Social Media Marketing strategy specifically for your brand and your audience. You’ll get fully supported and managed social programs, content planning, and generation, as well as blogger outreach and video distribution among other services that are aimed to attract new customers and increase your profitability.











Why Choose Us?

Genious has a highly skilled and talented team of social media experts who have a proven track record of creating and maintaining dynamic social media campaigns for companies and educating businesses on how to ensure their entire brand is being represented accurately across all platforms.

What Clients Say

Let Genious’s effective services guide your customizable social media marketing campaign today! For more information on how we can help, contact us at [email protected]; or, to see how your social media presence stacks up against the competition.

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