B2C SEO Services

For business-to-consumer businesses, having a strong web presence is essential. In today’s digital world, consumers are more often than not turning to the Internet to purchase products and services, look up information and engage and interact with others. Regardless of your industry, without a strong web presence, your company will be unable to effectively connect with consumers, compete in a competitive market, or maximize your ROI.

Our digital marketing experts at Genious have the resources, skills and experience to take your business to the next level. We provide a wide range of digital marketing services, including but not limited to search engine optimization, lead generation, content development, web design, social media marketing, public relations and reputation management. Our industry-leading digital marketing team will create a custom Internet marketing plan designed to meet your requirements and surpass your goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website getting the traffic you expected? Our SEO consultants can assess all the metrics of your website, including your backlink profile, site speed, technical elements and SEO, to determine what may be hindering your site’s rankings. We will also conduct a keyword research to identify the terms that will drive the most traffic to your site. If your business operates locally, we will also optimize your website and off-site profiles for Local SEO. With an effective local SEO strategy, your website and off-site profiles will rank highly for local searches, thus driving more local traffic to your business.

Lead Generation

Are you having trouble converting leads to sales? Our lead generation team can help! Not only will we garner leads, but we will also see them through to bring you more opportunities and fuel sales.

Content Development & Social Media Marketing

As a B2C company, it’s also important for your business to actively engage consumers. This can be done effectively through blogging and social media marketing. Our content development team consists of skilled writers who craft fresh, interesting content that intrigues your target audience, while representing your brand identity. Our social media marketers will engage your audience, as well, by creating captivating ads and posts on various social media platforms. With tactical content and social strategies, you can establish a loyal following, draw potential and return customers to your business, and boost your online reputation.

Web Design

Is your website responsive? A responsive website is optimized for mobile devices. Today, many consumers conduct Internet searches on smartphones and tablets, which is why Google gives higher rankings on mobile searches to websites that are responsive. If your website is not responsive, our web designers can incorporate responsive web design into your site. We can make your site responsive without adjusting your existing content or elements.

To achieve your digital marketing goals and increase your ROI, contact our digital marketing experts! We’d be happy to discuss our Internet marketing services with you.

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