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Search engine optimization is most definitely a “catchall” service. An SEO firm may address the needs of businesses of any variety. What business does not want to achieve better rankings on the major search engines? Some industries are highly competitive while others are extremely small and niche. Regardless of associated services and products, all industries benefit from the help of an SEO firm.

A Sample of Industries We Serve

Let’s consider some examples:

Those providing business services greatly benefit from a partnership. Other companies (your potential clients) can’t devote too much time searching for needed services. Aside from word-of-mouth, most people use the Web as a search resource. How many browsers do you foresee searching more than a few pages of results? Not many will. It’s crucial your business gets on the first page or two for terms affiliated with your services.

Do you provide legal or medical services? It’s highly likely your services are delivered to clients in a concentrated area. An Internet marketing agency can orchestrate local campaigns, complementing search terms with city and town abbreviations, as well as other slang or nomenclature aligned with a particular region. Think about it. If you’re a dentist in Beirut, how are potential clients finding your office? It’s not by searching for “dentist.” That’s too broad! Browsers will use terms such as “dentists in Beirut” or “Lebanese dentist” to find you.

Do you host an e-commerce site? For one, you’ll need a sleek e-commerce website design, one that’s aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for excellent search results. Genious can augment the look of your current site or completely address needs from theoretical beginnings to a fully-functioning end product. The popularity of the Internet makes it possible to circumvent the need of storefronts. A great-looking, smooth-functioning e-commerce site competes and may easily surpass any brick-and-mortar competitor.

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Genious hosts an incredible team of content writers, web designers, inbound marketers, public relations specialists, and SEO experts. There are plenty of services available to clients who want to make an impact on the major search engines. Don’t underestimate how SEO can advance your company’s standings in your industry. Give us a call and see how we can improve your business.

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